Employees are eligible for free checks and special  discounts

Employee Check Order Benefits

As a benefit of employment, Vericast team members are eligible to order free personal checks. This benefit is available after your first 30 days of employment. To order your free checks, enter the promo code at checkout.


Employees can place one free check order per quarter, up to four free orders per calendar year. In the first calendar year of employment, the number of free check orders will be prorated for the number of quarters worked. Unused orders do not roll over to the next quarter.

Free check orders can be placed for either your own personal account or a joint account. Business checks are not included. Check orders must be in single pack quantities of 100 single or 100 duplicate checks only, and your name must be included on the check order.

Employees also receive special discounted prices on personal check orders in excess of one per quarter, value packs, business check orders, and all other business products and accessories. The displayed prices reflect the employee discounted price.

Security Features on all Personal and Business Checks

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Microprint Signature Line

The microprint signature line reads “authorized signature,” but type appears as a broken line if reproduced.

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Safety Paper

Paper includes a safety stain to indicate chemical tampering.

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Security Checklist

All security features are listed on the back of each check with details on document appearance if altered.

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Security Screen

The back of each document displays “original document” security screen.